It is the story of a self-taught, Renald Fourgs, a great traveller and theatre lover who embarked a few years ago on a human adventure.

It all started in India, a spiritual country with incredible colours, colourful spices and flowery markets that literally transport you to timeless imagery.

These many trips and encounters have created a click in him. He decided to develop his own brand.

"Travel at the heart of his creative inspiration"

And it was only natural that he founded his company, AVM IMPORT, based in Cahors, in 1998. And yes, it's not just wine and foie gras in the Lot!

As a creator, importer and wholesaler, Renald Fourgs sees its main brand, Go Simply, sell at more than 2000 retailers in France and abroad. The ethnic-chic style is then put in the spotlight.

And for more than 20 years, a friendship and trust have been able to forge with experienced Indian craftsmen, guardians of ancestral know-how.

A forerunner, he was one of the first to develop a "Great Size" Fashion because for him, everyone must have a place.

It is the state of mind that prevails in this society, the human at the centre of everything.

"An ethnic artisanal fashion"

Today he launches a new challenge, a unisex fashion with the brand Joe and Jo...

In his mind, exit the monotony of grey, black or white. Place in paradise colorful pieces and beautiful prints.

Joe and Jo's creation was based on the realization that men become feminized and women become masculinized. Nowadays, we all want to free ourselves from the boxes in which we have too often tried to keep us.

Everyone is free to shape their appearance as they see fit and to be themselves.

"An anchored unisex fashion
in his day"

Joe & Jo